Why design conveyors in 3D?

Over the last few years Advance have continued to invest in our mechanical design department, bringing in design engineers and ensuring we are working with the latest SolidWorks technology.

In modern manufacturing we feel it is essential to be able to show the customer exactly what the end product will look like. Gone are the days of "fag packet" designs, at the very least 2D CAD layouts are expected but more and more clients are wanting to see full 3D designs of their equipment prior to manufacture.

Why design conveyors in 3D?

3D Conveyor System model

We design all of our equipment in 3D, using SolidWorks.

We do this for a number of reasons.

Firstly it removes any doubt or ambiguity about what the equipment will look like when complete. By fully modelling in 3D all interested parties (customer, sales person, project manager) can see exactly what is going to be built and highlight any potential issues long before steel is cut.

Not everyone is an engineer. Complex 2D designs can be very hard to decipher for someone without a background in engineering. This can often mean that customers are never entirely sure what the system will look like when complete and there is a level of anxiety in signing off drawings. With 3D designs in SolidWorks the customer can download a viewer, such as edrawings, allowing the design to be viewed from every angle.

From a production point of view it can really cut down on the back and forth between the design department and production when there are 3D models showing the equipment. At Advance we have computers in the production area so models can be loaded up and the assembly team can study the model first hand as the equipment is built.

3D conveyor layoutAvoid costly mistakes

By getting your conveyor equipment modelled up in 3D you can see first hand how it is going to look, how operators will interact with it and and potential issues that may not be instantly visible on a 2D drawing, such as cable routing or safety fencing requirements.

By using the latest SolidWorks 3D software Advance can deliver better designs, a reduction in lead times and improved manuals and documentation. This leads to a “right first time” mentality on every project we approach.

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Published: 18th November 2019

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