Box Lifts, Tote Lifts and Carton Elevators

Advance can offer a range of lifts to transport boxes, totes, bags and product to single or multiple floor levels, utilising the Qimarox Prorunner vertical conveyors.

tote and carton lift

Thanks to its design and highly reliable components, the box and tote lifts require very little maintenance and are extremely reliable.

Lifts can be very easily integrated into an existing conveyor system or can be supplied as a stand-alone automated lift unit.

Tote and carton lifts are extremely useful for e-commerce, logistics and distribution warehouses as well as production areas and baggage handling.

Advance can design your conveyor system, including lift, in full 3D utilising SolidWorks software. Using our in-house electrical engineers we can fully design your control system, build the control panel and any field control and do all of the software under one roof.

Partnering with Qimarox to enable us to offer tote, carton and box lifts further enhances Advance as the most flexible conveyor manufacturer in the UK.

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Bespoke Tote Lifts

Qimarox lifts cover a wide variety of options, products and throughputs but if your particular requirements should fall outside of the scope then Advance can look at a bespoke solution to your requirements.

We have the in-house expertise and experience required to offer you a solution.


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