SmartLine™ Modular Pallet Platform

The new SmartLine™ Modular Pallet Platform offers a new dimension in plug and play modular efficiency. With optimised pallet conveyor systems being a key component of efficient and reliable material flow within a warehouse, Advance has created the only genuine modular pallet handling system on the market, with options from single modules to full systems that simply plug together.

The new platform can be supplied with stand alone control and safety systems, or with a gateway to integrate in to larger control or palletising systems. The SmartLine™ Modular Pallet Platform is available as a full turnkey solution with controls, software and installation, or as modules for user installation.

Key features

  • A truly modular platform with proven designs. 
  • Choose from a range of standard modules including pallet roller conveyor, pallet chain conveyor, cross transfers, turntables, shuttles, lifts and AGV units.
  • Focus on ease of setup and installation through software and control units. Plug motors and sensors into ASi units to cut down on field wiring
  • A full range of ancillary add-ons to make putting together a turkey system simple. Items such as light guard mounts, control box pedestals, loading ramps, fast acting safety doors and fencing schemes.
  • Modules come with motors pre-setup and ASi modules pre-addressed.
  • Can ship with a standard control panel with Siemens PLC and HMI with the basic software pre-programmed and tested.
  • Can be installed and commissioned by our engineers or, if you want to install yourself, we can ship the panel with a 4g router and offer remote support.
  • Upgrade to the SmartLine Plug & Play range for a truly modular system, removing the need for costly installation engineers and setup. Modules will come pre-configured. Simply plug them together, plug into the panel and away you go. Need to extend the system? Simply order new units, plug them into the line and keep producing. Drastically reduce your downtime.
  • All SmartLine™ pallet modules are driven with the latest motor drive technology, rated to the highest efficiency class for drive systems. Reduce your energy usage and save money on your energy bills by going with a conveyor and drive designed to be as efficient as possible.


  • Quicker to install due to modular design
  • Highly efficient systems leading to long term savings in energy costs
  • Low maintenance
  • Lines are easily modified or extended
  • Designed to use the latest controls technology
  • Can ship with standard, pre-programmed control options so you don’t need to put a software engineer on site
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK 

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