Pallet Conveyors

SmartLine™ Pallet Handling Conveyors

Intelligent conveying 

The Advance SmartLine™ Pallet Conveyor system is modular handling equipment for palletised product with capacities ranging from empty pallets to several thousand kilos. The system can be used with individually driven pallet modules allowing for the accumulation of pallets on the system or a single drive system where transportation without accumulation is required. 

Depending on the orientation of the pallet or the suitability of the product running on the conveyor, Advance SmartLine™ Pallet Conveyor can be manufactured to transport your product on rollers or chains.

A complete turnkey solution

SmartLine™ solutions can incorporate options of pallet de-stacking or stacking, pallet labelling and wrapping or pallet lifts and transport carts. Control options are similar to those included in the SmartLine™ Tote and Carton Conveyor and SmartLine™ Stainless Conveyor systems, which makes it easy to combine other systems with the pallet conveyor system for a turnkey solution.

All systems can be fully mechanically and electrically installed by experienced engineers.

To see our SmartLine™ Pallet Handling Conveyor systems in practice, view the application case studies below and contact us to discuss your next project.

Highly Energy Efficient

SmartLine™ pallet conveyors are extremely energy-efficient, as individual modules only run when a pallet is present. Once the pallet moves off, the conveyor modules no longer run but remain ready for transporting product. 

Compared with this, a typical powered pallet conveyor has much higher energy consumption and noise emissions. 

Standard Modules for Turnkey Solutions

Advance can manufacture full turnkey pallet conveyor systems, utilising standard modules. Standard modules include:

  • Accumulating pallet roller conveyor
  • Accumulating pallet chain conveyor
  • Vertical lifts
  • Chain cross transfers
  • Turntables
  • Shuttle cars
  • Pallet dispensers

Customer Case Studies

“The big bag conveying project is part of our ongoing capital plan to streamline flows and improve H&S by reducing traffic movements. We approached various companies to look at the project but Advance were the company that gave a quick response to the project and accommodated various changes requested, as well as providing innovative solutions to our requests. They also suggested some good value engineering solutions that helped the return on the project. The project was installed on time and on budget.”  Atholl Cameron, Maintenance & Projects Manager

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