Warehouse Conveyor Solutions

Warehouse Conveyor Solutions

Automote your warehouse

Warehouses and logistics operations are increasingly looking to conveyors and automation to make their processes more efficient, reduce labour costs and make the whole operation safer by reducing forklift traffic around operators.

Advance Automated Systems Ltd have been working with both retailers and logistics companies for many years, providing automated conveyors sytems for the efficient and safe movement of products within their distribution centres and warehouses.

Advance warehouse conveyor solutions are ideally suited for a number of different products including boxes, totes, bags and pallets.

Streamline your process

By choosing Advance you are guaranteed a solution designed around your warehouse layout, required throughputs, sortation process and product sizes. Whether you need to sort product via RFID, barcode readers or with vision systems Advance can tailor a warehouse conveying solution to your needs. 

Standard design with endless possibilities

Wherever possible we try to utilise standard designs from our SmartLine™ conveyor or belt conveyor range whilst having the design expertise to produce bespoke solutions. Solutions can include incline/decline conveyors to feed mezzanine floors, lifts and spirals where floor space is restricted or at a premium, bar code readers, weigh scales, labellers, wrappers and more.

warehouse conveyor system

For end of line or palletised distribution, our range of SmartLine™ pallet roller and chain conveyors are an ideal solution.

For lower throughput applications, or for companies who are looking to take their first steps into automation and are not yet ready for full sortation systems we have a range of simple gravity roller conveyor solutions available.

Why install a warehouse conveyor system?

There are many reasons and benefits to installing automated conveyor systems within your warehouse, here are some of the more prominent:

  • To reduce forklift truck movements within the warehouse.
  • To reduce personnel numbers.
  • To automate repetitive tasks such as case sealing, box weighing and palletising.
  • To safely and efficiently move products from mezzanine floors via incline conveyors, lifts or spirals.
  • To accurately and efficiently sort products via barcodes, labels, weights etc.
  • Reduce the risk of product damage

If you are interested in seeing how Advance can improve the efficiency of your warehouse or you are looking for a company who can come to site to discuss adding automation to your company then please get in touch today.

Published: 21st November 2018

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