The SmartLine™ Cross Transfer

As part of the growing Advance SmartLine™ range Advance now offer a very compact, reliable and energy efficient cross transfer unit. Designed for the SmartLine™ tote and carton handling range the cross transfer utilises polycord belts to transfer the product.

The belts sit just below the running height of the rollers and upon receiving a signal the system raises the belts pneumatically to lift the carton/tote off the rollers before driving forward and tranferring the product.

The belts themselves are driven using a 24vDC driven roller, the same drive as we use to power the ZLP roller conveyor, therefore reducing the amount of spares required and making the unit very energy efficient.

Have a look at the brief video on this page to see it in action and get in touch for more information.

Published: 4th June 2018

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