New Cardboard Waste System Installed

Advance has recently designed, manufactured and installed a powered belt conveyor system to carry waste cardboard into a baler/compactor. The system was designed to take waste cardboard from various areas of a warehouse and had to take into consideration the location of work areas, other equipment on site, forklift access points and maintenance access.

The system was built up in large sections in our factory and transported to site for installation.

When we started manufacturing and installing conveyor systems the norm was full weekends and factory shutdowns. As the years progress and the pressure on our clients to squeeze everything possible out of their facilities grows the windows for our installations and modifications have shrunk to levels where sometimes we have a few hours between shifts to complete, sometimes significant, projects.

What we have done is adapt our ways of working, assembling full systems off site before install, increasing project planning facilities and resources to plan every detail sometimes into 10 minute slots to ensure we are able to work within the short windows allocated.

As an example of what can be achieved with excellent planning, the right team on site combined with well designed equipment the system shown (160 metres of 1 metre wide cardboard waste conveyor) was installed in 1 day, levelled, completed and wired on day 2.

Through every installation whether it be zero line pressure warehouse and eCommerce systems, waste systems or bespoke automation solutions we are proving that testing planning and preparation deliver the right results when it comes to getting the job done on site in an increasingly demanding industry.

– Bryn Roberts, Director

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Published: 16th February 2018

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