ZyroFisher - Logistics Conveyor System

As one of the leading distributors of parts, accessories and clothing to the UK and Irish cycling markets, Darlington-based ZyroFisher, looked to increase warehouse productivity by improving the efficiency of their daily order fulfilment process.

With high levels of manual handling dominating their pick, pack and dispatch operation at their 100,000 sq ft facility, Zyrofisher needed a solution to make the movement of goods from the packing area to dispatch more efficient. Leading UK conveyors manufacturer, Advance Automated Systems, were asked to quote on providing a suitable conveyor solution.

Following an initial consultation, a demonstration of a proposed system and site visits to ZyroFisher’s warehouse, Advance submitted a proposal to provide a bespoke, zoned, SmartLine roller conveyor to transfer various sized cartons directly to the dispatch trailer - Advance SmartLine is an innovative zero line pressure conveyor system which is both flexible and modular in design.

For this installation the SmartLine conveyor system utilised motorised roller drives supplied by material handling solutions business, Interroll. With each zone being independently driven, the complete system is very energy efficient and, if required, can accumulate product over the full length of the conveyor. An extendable gravity roller for loading on the back of a box trailer completed the configuration.

In addition, so as not to restrict access through the warehouse, the system is equipped with lift access gates both single width (for pedestrian/fire escape access) and double width (for pallet access). All gates include gas springs making them easy and safe to lift.

Commenting on the automation, ZyroFisher’s head of operations, Ian Husband, said: “Our business is constantly evolving, so streamlining our operation to suit is vital. With 800 plus cartons being shipped daily, the addition of an automated conveyor allows us to increase efficiencies, redeploy staff to other key areas and increase our workflow."

Technical Information

The project was based around our SmartLine carton and tote conveyor with the system split into individually driven zones, 900mm long, allowing for full accumulation along the system.

Zones are driven with Interroll 24vDC roller drives, band driven to slave rollers with each zone having a product recognition sensor to detect when a product is in a zone.

To allow access through the line to the other side of the warehouse two lift gates were installed, one single lift gate for operator access only and one double lift gate to allow pallet truck access. Lift gates are fitted with gas struts to assist in the lifting and lowering.

The system is controlled with a Siemens PLC with the software developed by our in-house programmers.


Advance designed and installed a high quality conveyor system that integrates perfectly with our operation and provides us with commercial benefits. ZyroFisher - Conveyor Systems

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