Automated Guided Vehicle

We have recently teamed up with Global AGV* and become their UK partners - this means that we can include their range of automated guided vehicles in our growing portfolio of solutions.

Untap the benefits 

By using automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in a warehousing operation, businesses can benefit from the reduction in manual processes, which in turn can help improve the working environment, safety and upscale a company’s productivity. 

AGVs, which can run 24 hours a day, can also contribute to making substantial labour cost savings. And with a payback time as short as one year, as well as an attractive total cost of ownership (TCO), bottom-line performance can only benefit.

Quick and easy installation in existing environments

AGV technology is easy to integrate into existing operations, so a current layout does not need to change.

The driverless truck navigates with a laser system following predetermined driving routes and emits laser beams that are reflected by the surroundings, allowing the AGV to constantly manoeuvre around any obstacles.

Optimal work areas for AGVs to operate

With flexible integration into existing environments, there is also the option to install the AGV in multiple different work areas, such as:

  • At end-of-line, for example with palletising machines, wrappers and/or foil machines.
  • For the delivery and collection of goods at fixed stations in production lines and warehouses.
  • For the delivery and collection of goods in rows.

Purchasing or leasing options

Combined with short delivery times, there is a range of purchasing or leasing options available for the AGVs.


Servicing AGVs couldn't be simpler. Following investment, Global AGV will provide a service agreement that gives access to their extensive network of dealers. With a service agreement, service technicians will provide all servicing required on-site.

Contact us to find out more. 

*Global AGV is a product of BILA Logistics, which also offers the end-of-line solution, the PALOMAT® pallet magazines.

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