Reduce the impact of Covid-19 social distancing measures with increased warehouse automation

Of the many structural changes that have happened within the logistics industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, strict adherence to social distancing has become one of crucial significance. As logistics workers tend to work in crowded spaces, social distancing is easier said than done within warehouse environments. But with isolated working conditions becoming necessary, businesses are looking to introduce a variety of measures, including staggered work schedules and greater automation in order to keep their staff safe.

Increased e-commerce growth

Another clear indicator to strengthen the case of automating warehouses, is the spike in e-commerce volumes. As more and more people have switched to buying their products online rather than getting them at a retail store, the pressure on supply chains has gone into overdrive. This trend is widely expected to stay even after the pandemic, which is likely to further exacerbate the situation.

Belt conveyor - ecommerce

Automation benefits

Not only can increased warehouse automation have a positive impact on social distancing restrictions, it can provide a wide range of other benefits that include: space savings, lower building costs, improved productivity, more efficient material flow, less people, safer operations, reductions in inventory, reduced operational costs, better ROI and lower lifecycle costs.

Where Advance can help

Conveyor Systems

From fully automated production lines to assembly cells and turnkey materials handling systems, Advance design, manufacture and install a large variety of conveyor systems and materials handling solutions. Read more here.

Automated pallet storage & retrieval

Advance can manufacture full turnkey pallet conveyor systems, utilising standard modules, including:

  • Accumulating pallet roller conveyor
  • Accumulating pallet chain conveyor
  • Vertical lifts
  • Chain cross transfers
  • Turntables
  • Shuttle cars
  • Pallet dispensers

Read more here.

Automated box or carton/tote storage and retrieval

Our SmartLine™ Tote and Carton Conveyor solution is an innovative zero-line pressure system, which is flexible, modular and efficient to run. It is based on 24v DC drives with options of round and V belt drives to drive individual zones and provides cost-effective accumulation and control of cartons/totes for many end of line warehousing systems.

Read more here.

Robotic order pickingrobotic palletising

We offer complete automated solutions utilising the latest robotic technology from world leading businesses in the automotive, logistics, manufacturing and food industries.

With the ability to manufacture our own conveyor systems to feed the robots and take product away as well as design, build and program all control panels and software in house we can offer the full turnkey solution that will help reduce your labour costs, improve production efficiency and quality and remove the need for operators to carry out dangerous and repetitive tasks.

Read more here

Be prepared

As the UK economy cautiously begins to re-open and we navigate towards a new normal, which will most certainly include increased e-commerce ordering, now is the time to increase your warehouse automation.

We can design and create bespoke solutions to proactively keep workers at a safe distance from each other, while ensuring that customers e-commerce fulfilment is maintained without disruption.


Contact us now on 01325 328 930 or email to find out how your operation can benefit from increased warehouse automation.


Published: 29th May 2020

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