Advance can now offer Qimarox lifts as part of a conveyor solution

To further enhance the turnkey solutions we can offer our customers we are now very pleased to say we will be able to integrate Qimarox lifts into any suitable conveyor lifter

For small products such as boxes, totes, cases, trays or bags we can offer the Prorunner Mk5 continuous vertical conveyor or, for lower throughputs, the Prorunner Mk1 (check out our tote lifts here). Both are very robust, low maintenance, small footprint and very good value for money solutions to get your product up to height.

For pallets we are very pleased to be able to offer the Prorunner Mk9 and Prorunner Mk10 pallet lifts (check out our pallet lifts here). These lifts go perfectly with our pallet conveyor solutions and allow us to offer a full turnkey service to any pallet handling application you may have.

As fellow members of the Rolling on Interroll program we felt it was a great opportunity to strengthen our partnership with another fellow member as well as improve the scope of products we can now offer to our customers.

The Qimarox product, coupled with Advance's flexibility on design, manufacture and control system allow us to provide truly bespoke solutions.

Since joining the Rolling on Interroll program Advance has made an effort to engage with as many ROI partners as possible to seek out opportunities for mutual business. In the case of Qimarox we decided that their products were in sync with our own product range and there was a great opportunity for Advance to integrate the Qimarox product into our own offering.

We very much look forward to working with Qimarox on future projects and showcasing how their lifts and our conveyors go together.

Shaun Graham, Sales and Marketing.

Published: 9th December 2019

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