5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Conveyor System

A well made conveyor system can last a long time, depending on how well it is looked after. However, there can be a temptation to hang on to an old conveyor for far longer than it is worth, ultimately costing money in the long run.

Here are a few reasons why it might be worth considering investing in a new conveyor system.

conveyor maintenance

1.  It’s becoming harder and more costly to source spare parts.

As your conveyor system gets older you are, inevitably, going to run into situations where manufacturers have upgraded or phased out certain components. This can make it difficult to get hold of replacement parts for your conveyor and, even if you can get hold of them, you may find the price is at a premium and the lead time is way beyond what you can live with.

2.  Your conveyor is requiring more maintenance or is becoming unreliable.

It is very easy to look at a new conveyor system as an unnecessary expense when you already have a conveyor system on site, why spend money you don’t need to spend?

However, if you are starting to see more and more unscheduled maintenance or line stoppages due to conveyor issues then costs can very quickly start to spiral.

An unreliable conveyor system can hit you in the pocket directly through the need for spare parts and/or engineer visits, it can also hit you through lost productivity, downtime and overtime to recover time lost.

When you start to add up these expenses a brand new conveyor system can start to look very favourable against an existing, old conveyor system.

3.  Your existing system isn’t keeping up with your requirements.

A lot can happen in a few years. You may have specified your conveyor system to keep up with a certain throughput, which it did comfortably, but a few years later and your business has grown, your required throughput has gone up and your conveyor system can no longer cope.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to rip it out and replace it, you may be able to upgrade motors and drives to increase the speed but at some point the fundamental design and layout of the system will meet it’s limit. At this point it is time to start looking at a new conveyor system, new technology and fresh ideas to meet your current and future requirements.

4.  You’re introducing a new product.

Your conveyor system is often overlooked when introducing a new range of products to your business but it is definitely worth checking that it is not going to cause you issues.

Your old conveyor system will have been specified to a set of products, dimensions, weights etc. If your new product falls outside of these then it may not run on your conveyor and you may need to look to have modifications made or new equipment manufactured.

5.  Are you taking advantage of the latest technology?

Technology advances at a rapid pace and materials handling and automation is no exception. There are more and more efficient ways to transport product around your premises that will provide long term savings on efficiency, energy savings and maintenance costs. For example, Advance’s SmartLine conveyors only run when they have product ready to transport, when empty they don’t run and save you on energy costs.

By upgrading your conveyor system and incorporating newer technologies such as smart accumulation conveyors, vision systems and robotics you may see a much better return on your investment and a greater impact on your operations.

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If you feel that your conveyor system could do with an upgrade then get in touch with Advance today to discuss your requirements or organise a site meeting.

Published: 16th July 2019

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