Advance SmartLine pallet handling conveyor systems are used for moving anything from empty single pallets up to 2+ tonne loads in simple transit or accumulation set-ups.

All Advance pallet conveyor systems come with the necessary level of safety control for the environment they are operating in, from emergency stop control to fully enclosed safety fencing and light guards.

Advance have designed and installed pallet handling systems for a wide variety of customers in a varying range of industries.

pallet conveyor

Advance SmartLine pallet conveyor systems are modular handling equipment for palletised product with capacities ranging from empty pallets to several thousand kilos. The system can be used with individually driven pallet modules allowing for accumulation of pallets on the system or a single drive system where transportation without accumulation is required.

The solutions provided can incorporate options of pallet de-stacking or stacking, pallet labelling and wrapping or pallet lifts and transport carts. Control options are similar to those included in the SmartLine carton conveyor system which makes it easy to combine the carton/tote systems with the pallet systems for a turnkey solution.

All systems can be fully mechanically and electrically installed by experienced engineers.

For more information on our range of pallet conveyor equipment then please get in touch or have a look at the system photographs below.