Advance Automated Systems Ltd recently designed, manufactured and installed a carpet tile handling system for a UK manufacturer of carpet tiles.

The system took tiles from a machine, separated them into two lines, weighed the tiles, scanned them for defects on top and bottom before pairing them up and stacking.

The system also included a reject line for any tiles that failed the numerous checks. Included in the system supply was:

  • Weigh scales to check the weight of each individual carpet tile.
  • Vision systems to scan the surfaces of the carpet tiles, looking for defects.
  • Turn wheels to invert the tiles.
  • Pairing device to pair tiles up.
  • Tile stacker, to stack tiles into preset stack heights before presenting them to the end of the line.

If you would like to see the line in operation then please watch the brief video below:

If this is of interest or you would like to discuss how Advance could help you then please get in touch.